Follow your dreams!

1. Behaviour,  Ernesto Daranas, Cuba 2016

Since its premiere in Cuba, Behaviour has turned into a virtually unprecedented social phenomenon. Movie theaters have been packed night after night and director Ernesto Daranas’ second feature turned into a hot topic at bus stops, bodega lines and coffee shops. Critics have echoed the public opinion, anointing Behaviour as “the one” – the film the Cuban people have been waiting for. Behaviour is a unique and touching portrait of childhood and it reflects the crucial role of teachers in impoverished areas.

Watch the film on 6 May at 17.00 in Cankarjev dom


2. Gaurav and the Kites, André Hörmann, India 2016

Twelve-year-old Gaurav is one of those children whose favourite subject in school is math. The reason behind that is that his life is consumed by kites. He loves fighting with kites in his Punjabi hometown, which is famed for the flying paper beauties. Learning about angles helps him develop his own kite design and also gets him closer to his dreams: to open his own kite workshop one day.

You can watch the film on 6 May at 15.00 in Pionirski dom, as part of our Best Short Films programme


3. “Si-G”, Frederike Migom, Belgium 2016

Cansu is a 13-year old rapper. Her rapname is Si-G. She dreams of fame but has never actually believed she could possibly make it. She’s in special needs education and shares a small apartment with her father and sister in Molenbeek, Brussels. When rapper Omar-G decides to make a track with her, her dream unexpectedly comes closer.

Come to FNO and meet Si-G and the director of the documentary: Frederike Migom!

The screenings are: on 7 May at 15:00 in Pionirski dom and  on 8 May at 19:00 in Pionirski dom (festival’s closing film)


4. Little Mountain Boy, Xavier Koller, Switzerland 2016

From Oscar winning director Xavier Koller (Journey of Hope) comes “The Little Mountain Boy”, a beautiful film set in the snowy Alps, based on the classic Swiss children’s book of the same name. The main hero in the story is Ursli, a boy who helps his father, a master cheesemaker, run the family business. But it is not long before difficulties come along and it is up to Ursli to not give up and save the day.


5. Nakom, Kelly Daniel Norris and Travis Pittman, Gana 2016

Nakom is more than just the title and setting of the film; the village in Ghana is home to the entire cast of actors and it is also where co-writer Pitman lived for two years while serving in the Peace Corps. The film follows a young man who dreams of becoming a doctor, but his plans change after the death of his father. He must leave the big city and go back to his village, torn between duty and dreams. “Nakom” is the first ever feature film in the Kusaal language and the first Ghanaian narrative film to have screened at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Watch the film on 7 May at 19.00 in Cankarjev dom

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