5 journeys that you will never forget

We often say that life is a journey, but what do we really mean? Follow these five amazing journeys: get on the road, travel, lose and find yourself, discover the meaning and beauty of life after it has taken everything from you.

Here are our 5 proposals:


1. The Holy Biker – Homero Olivetto, Brazil 2016

This post-apocalyptic Easy Rider from Brazil will make you believe in miracles. Holy Biker captivates with amazing “dusty” cinematography, following into Mad Max’s footsteps and reinventing the western for the modern age. A young girl will take you on a Tarantino-style drive through the South Brazilian desert. Hold your breath, it’s going to get messy.

You can watch the film on 5 May, at 21:00.


2. Valderama – Abbas Amini, Iran 2016

The film is a tale about escape and starting over. 15-year old Valderrama defends himself from aggression and fearing the consequences, escapes to Tehran. In the vastness of the big-city he fights to obtain not only love and shelter, but also the personal recognition an ID card brings. Let Atiq, with his wild mane resembling that of the football star Carlos Valderrama, bring you with him during his journey.

You can watch the film on 7 May, at 17:00 in Cankarjev dom.


3. Gueros – Alonso Ruizpalacios, Mexico 2016

“To be young and not a revolutionary is a contradiction” reads a protest banner in “Gueros”. The film is set on the backdrop of a massive student strike, where two brothers go on a road trip in search of a fabled folk singer and discover Mexico City and themselves. With 21 wins, among which for Best First Feature Award at the Berlinale, Best Cinematography, Jury Award at Tribeca, and Youth Jury Award San Sebastian it is a film not to miss.

You can watch it on May 9 at 17:00 in Kino Šiška. Free entrance.


4. In the Last Days of the City –  Tamer El Said, Egypt 2016

Have you ever felt that the “end” is near? This is how the director of the “In the Last of Days of the City” Tamer El Said felt in 2009 Cairo, shortly before the Egyptian revolution of 2011 changed the city forever: “On the one hand I wanted it to come, for us to be able to start over. On the other hand, I was afraid that it would wipe out everything that I loved”. Embark on the journey and relive Cairo before the revolution: with its hopes, fears and dreams for a better future.

One of the most impressive discoveries of the 2016 Berlinale will be screened in Ljubljana on 9 May, at 20:00 in Kino Šiška. Free entrance.


5. My First Highway – Kevin Meul, Belgium, 2016

Love, a secret and revenge. Benjamin does not imagine he will stumble upon this during family holidays in Spain. But Benjamin falls in love with an intriguing local girl – Anne is fascinating and beautiful. After she shares her darkest secret with him, they both leave for a trip, which takes a dangerous turn. This will be a summer he will never forget.

You can watch the film on 4 may at 19:00


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