Eye on Film is an international film festival for youth, presenting films from all over the world.


There are many things that you can do with a film. A film usually shows you something. It can teach you something or give you an experience. Make you relive an experience. It can sparkle in your eyes. It can hit you. In the eye. But it’s not to be thrown away. Grab yours!


This year’s edition of the festival features 19 full length films, 2 of medium length and 23 shorts totalling no less than 2,077 film minutes. Or 124,620 seconds. And the same amount of moments. From 29 countries. From all continents. Beyond doubt, a festival with something for every taste. We’re sure you don’t (yet) know all these moments, because the authors come from different cultural, social, and economic backgrounds…


Fly a kite in India, hide cunningly in Tehran, become a parent, commit a crime and do time in jail. Take your first trip on the highway, fight the system, live with two mothers, shoot a music video. Rap or simply don’t sing when told to do so. Swim in tropical Mexico, save your school, sinking in the sea, ride a blue or a colourful bicycle, cross the border as an illegal immigrant, and seek (and find) your valley of peace. Be alert and experience the last days of the city time and again.


Everything is once a film!



Festival presents  films that are rarely obtained by distributors in individual countries and thus directly reach a larger number of people. At the forefront is the desire to tell important stories of cultivation among young people all over the world. Their everyday life is characterized by the culture in which they live, family, a political environment, personal experience, and pleasures.


Eye on Film is also an educational festival, which continues the mission of its organizer and producer – VIZO Institute. At national level, this advocates the popularization and placement of film education in the general educational curriculum of educational institutions. For all age levels.


Film education at the festival consists of a quality film program (prepared by the curator Rok Govednik) and the targeted and carefully prepared pedagogical material. Pedagogical film talks and workshops propose critical argumentation, help articulate opinions, promote creativity, raise empathy towards film culture, respond to emerging issues, and enable children and young people to get to know filmmakers. Many times doing so directly.


We do not only present the full-length or medium length films, but also the short meter. We want to bring young people closer to the extremely important role of short film. These films are curated as prefilms to the feature ones. By doing so, we put the short meter on the equivalent place with the rest.


Eye on Film is a festival for young people who expect more than just an instant “popcorn” entertainment from the film. Youth is interpreted by the organizers of the festival in a sociological way, and in our definition we are also thinking about the so-called “post-adolescents” or students. But we always make sure to catch the looks from all film enthusiasts. So Eye on Film is a festival for all of us, for all our youth!

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