This year’s Oscar winner for best short film is based on the true story of a renowned school choir and a new girl, who has to face a tough decision: will she stand up against a corrupt system or will she quietly obey?


short films

Eye on Film 2017 presents 23 short movies, carefully selected from the festivals world wide. Films are shown before the feature films, and are also included in this year's Shorts for Youth programme.

Gaurav is determined to become a master and make his very own kite. The upcoming festival is just the right opportunity for everyone to see it!

A lost pregnancy test causes confusion in the heads of adult children.

May 7, 2045. I decided to go home.

"The oldest human emotion is fear, the oldest and most powerful sort of fear is fear of the unknown." H. P. Lovecraft

In a monotonous land, a curious animal takes many attempts to get closer to the last living tree.

A short animated film goes on the path of memories. Reality and past flow into one.

There is a helpless animal on a local road in the forest. It ate too many pears. When police officers want to put it on the edge of the road, the event leads to an unusual direction.

A nice autumn day and a beautiful landscape. And a long line of refugees.

The documentary film Ninnoc brings an insight into the mind of a self-willed girl who refuses to adapt to her peers

The residents are facing a problem: somebody’s been stealing their butter.

Two teenage girls are dreaming about the perfect hippie life. One day they decide to initiate a real hippie movement.

Ollie is a school boy. He’s only got one, peculiar friend. Ollie reflects on difficult issues. Is he sick or just lonely?

Daniel is an average boy, who likes to skate, explore and swim with his friends.

Somewhere in space, far away from planet Earth, two astronauts meet and decide to return to their home planet.

A short documentary film about the participants of the Women’s March that took place on 21 January 2017 in Washington, after the inauguration of Donald J. Trump.

A fat man sits down in a quiet park and starts eating his sandwich. Shortly after, a stranger sits next to him.

A story about a person who refused to follow silly rules, said to protect the residents.

A reflection of today’s society in which we give up too quickly due to the everyday routine and depressing news.

The last get-together of two best friends before things change completely. Can one thing mark their relationship for ever?

When a fisherman falls in love with a mermaid he is prepared to (literally) separate his soul from his body, just to be able to live with her.

Smartphones are increasingly becoming a part of our lives, while their applications are our life itself.

Jaka comes home after spending one year in the psychiatric hospital and would like to live his life to the fullest again.

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